Industry: Oil & Gas

Automation & Control:

Moore has completed over eight FPSO projects and provided systems on a number of platforms and calm buoys.  We specialise in process control and safety shut-down systems in the Oil & Gas industry.

Compressor Control & Turbo Machinery:

We provide comprehensive compressor  control, protection, anti-surge and maintenance solutions for turbo-machinery onboard offshore facilities. In addition to this we provide comprehensive predictive maintenance system for rotating equipment.

Optimisation & Safety: Your base layer  optimisation is critical for faster commissioning and maximising production yields. Additionally, Alarm Management systems have improved the safety and working conditions on these risk-centric plants. We monitor the process, the control systems and the operators to ensure comprehensive risk reduction.

Power Management Systems:

We design and commissioning Power Management systems for FPSO’s.

Data links, data transfer and consolidation between offshore and onshore facilities, production and performance reports: Moore provides OPC/ODBC solutions to historize, consolidate and transfer data securely and efficiently between offshore facilities and shore-base management. We provide advanced calculated and scheduled reports in both Microsoft and PDF formats.


We provide an extensive range of equipment for offshore facilities including wireless telemetry systems for offloading.

Maintenance & Support Services:

Moore provides a comprehensive set of services to ensure your production systems continue to function and perform as per design. Ongoing system support and  upgrade services ensures that your investment in automation continues to yield dividends. Site interventions and advanced reporting tools highlight risks and recommend steps to alleviate the issues.

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