Solutions: IIoT

Many companies today are scrambling to prepare for the digital wave, yet it’s proving to be tough to develop a coherent approach that makes sense for their unique circumstances. 

At Moore we’ve developed and implemented a strategy that guarantees results. Our approach is simple: Assess your needs, readiness and goals, and then start at the bottom and digitalise to generate value at a pace that compliments your vision. The approach is to optimize all layers within the data pyramid, and enable real and effective decision making throughout the organisation.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) can be bewildering: Where should we start? What’s in scope? Is it right for my plant? How ready are we to embrace ‘digital'?  The list goes on. Committees and working groups are being established, and vendors are unleashing a plethora of products and ideas.

Our business is automation and optimized use of data, and we thus understand exactly how to squeeze value out of plants and assets. We digitalize where it makes sense to do so, and demonstrate value within weeks of deployment. We typically see improved plant safety, reduced plant wear and tear, improved yield, and reduced input costs. Plant downtime is also reduced to a minimum.

We can help you turn data into reduced costs, and improved safety, and help you derive value from the digital wave that is IIoT.


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