Industry: Subsea

Automation & Control:

Moore has completed over eight full sub-sea systems.  We specialise in the provision and configuration of the Master Control System (MCS), which typically has approximately 150,000 I/O points. The system interfaces between the DCS and the Subsea Modem Unit (SMU). We configure and provide safety shutdown signals (SIS) that protect the asset during operational failures. We provide the operator interface for control of the subsea unit.

Moore has extensive experience in the control of these units including automated sequences and advanced shut-down and interlock strategies for protection of these assets.

The systems are comprehensively tested in our offices where all the system I/O is simulated and thoroughly tested before delivery to site. In addition to this the system is further tested with the actual subsea equipment prior to deployment.

Hydraulic Power Unit:

Moore now provides a complete solution for control and automation of HPUs including, configuration, and hardware supply. This hazardous area application requires the utmost care and attention to detail and we rely heavily on our ISO systems to ensure quality is built into our solutions.

Subsea Training Simulators:

Moore provides comprehensive training simulator solutions for Sub Sea applications. We replicate and simulate the actual system to ensure that operators are subjected to the on-sire system. This generates familiarity and builds up confidence and knowledge.

Maintenance & Support Services:

Moore provides a comprehensive set of services to ensure your production systems continue to function and perform as per design. Ongoing system support and upgrade services ensures that your investment in automation continues to yield dividends. Site interventions and advanced reporting tools highlight risks and recommend steps to alleviate the issues.

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