Industry: Water & Wastewater

Automation & Control:

Moore has completed a number of water treatment, demineralization, desalination and steam plants.  In today’s world companies are looking at expanding capacities and optimising treatment costs, without reducing quality. To this end we provide optimised code strategies to achieve these goals. A number of installations have started to mature, and are not taking advantage of the additional functionality to improve on the original control strategies. In these cases we provide migration services to bring legacy control systems and strategies up to the latest technology, thus protecting our clients’ control-system investment by re-engineering and back engineering legacy code and optimisation approaches.

Field Instrumentation:

Moore provides a comprehensive range of flow meters and State-of-the-art clamp-on and Doppler ultrasonic flow meters. These flow meters are ideally suited to measure the diverse range of flow applications found in municipal and industrial water and wastewater industries. Our flow meter application diagnostics can be used for cavitation and pipe wall build-up detection. F US clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters provide highly accurate measurement while minimizing installation time and maintenance expense. Other applications include:

Effluent Collection Network: open-channel flow measurement in the sewers
Wastewater-pumping station:

  • Level monitoring and pump control in the pumping station
  • Overflow prevention high level switch
  • Pump discharge pressure measurement
  • Pumping station discharge flow measurement

Storm-water retention tank: level monitoring in the storm-water tank

Open-channel flow measurement of the overflow from storm-water tank into the water bodies

Water treatment plant process: flow monitoring and valve positioners
Distribution: electro-pneumatic water meters

Maintenance Contracts:

Moore specialises in maintaining water treatment plants by providing a range of support services and hardware to ensure the plant availability targets are achieved.

Reference Projects