Industry: Petrochemical

Automation and Control

Moore has been succesfully deploying autiomation systems in the petrochemical industry since 1984. Projects range from basic unit automation and control through to complex and critical system protection. Our systems work in the harshest of conditions and are backed up by a dedicated team of experienced engineers that work around the clock to ensure that our valued clients' investments in automation and control continually yield dividends. Our systems are backed up by a comprehensive support program that ensures there is always someone available to competently deal with those emergency situations where production is on the line. 

Safety Systems

Moore is fully involved in providing safety systems in the industry. We have highly trained, competent and TUV accredited engineers that deploy and maintain the safety systems that we have built and comissioned over the last 30 years. 

Process Instrumentation

Moore has always provided the service and support needed for critical and complex instrumentation to perform effectively. Our instrument team comprises highly trained and dedicated peroneel that go beyond your expectations to deliver a reliable platform of field measurements to ensure that your plant runs smoothly. We have partnered with a number of OEM's to ensure that we provide the right equipment for the job so that our clients' are fully satisfied. 

Asset Health Monitoring

Refinery processes have a substantial investment in critical assets that are:

  • costly to operate
  • can have a direct impact on production output
  • have long lead times on spares

It is imperative that these assets operate efficiently and that potential failures and causes are known as far in advance as possible.

Moore provides a system to constantly monitor these assets and provide continual feedback on root causes of operational disturbances and potential excessive wear and tear. The systems monitors a dynamic operational envelope and notifies maintenance personnel and management when these assets are under threat.

Alarm Management

Every alarm in your plant is an indication of potential damage to your equipment, a potential shutdown or you are putting your personnel at risk. Health and safety includes ensuring that your processes are safe and alarm management is one of the methods employed to ensure that petrochemical plants comply with international standards such as ISA 18.02, EEMUA and more recently IEC 62682. Moore has been providing alarm management systems and services to the petrochemical industry since 2008. We provide:

  • pre-project scoping and alarm philosophy services
  • system scoping and implementation and commissioning services
  • post-project alarm rationalisation and training services

Control-loop Optimisation

Refineries are complex processes and comprise 1000's of control loops. In addition to these base layers of control advance process controllers (APC's) have been deployed ontop of the base layer control to provide further control to optimise recoveries of material. The challenge then is to keep these layers operating effectively as daily plant wear and tear affects the prformance of these control layers. Typically a process engineer can manually manage around 100 to 150 control loops. In order to manage the control layers for an entire refinery management and monitoring systems are required so that routine maintenance can be targeted at controllers at a software level and at a physical plant level by working in conjunction with mechanical maintenance personnel. The end result is a smoothly running optimized process.

Moore has provided base layer management systems for the last 8 years and have seen the increased performance that results when these systems are deployed effectively. We provide a full range of scoping, deployment, commissioning and training services to ensure that your plant is able to continually deliver on its designed parameters.

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