Industry: Ferrous & Base Metals

Automation & Control:

Moore has successfully delivered a vast range of projects in the metals industry, including coke-oven control systems, direct-reduction plants, primary off-gas cleaning plants, secondary off-gas cleaning plants, OB converters, substation switch-gear control, boiler control and optimization, turbine monitoring and control, electric arc furnaces, raw-material handling systems, transformer coolers, and various other related plants . One of our key accomplishments is the delivery of a control system on one of the largest electric arc furnaces in the world. We also provide control system migration from end-of-life systems to the latest DCS systems available on the market. Our solutions range from conceptual design, right up to final commissioning and optimization.

Furnace Monitoring:

Moore provides a comprehensive furnace monitoring solution that picks up changes in performance in relation to ideal operating conditions. Together with online root-cause analyses this provides a powerful tool to prevent transformer overloads, and maximizes your furnace availability.

Turbine & Compressor Predictive Maintenance:

We measure the overall health for these vital assets by comparing real and inferred outputs from the equipment against full-potential capacity. Efficiencies and power consumptions are also provided. Performance degradation is monitored together with online, near real-time root-cause analyses.

Alarm Management:

Moore provides comprehensive alarm management systems and services to ensure that process risk is reduced to manageable levels, within international benchmarks. Our services include creation of your alarm philosophy document, monitoring and analyses of your systems and processes, and auditing and rationalising alarms.

Maintenance & Support Services:

Our dedicated engineering team ensures your production systems continue to function and perform as per design. Ongoing system support and upgrade services ensure that your investment in automation continues to yield dividends. Site interventions and advanced reporting tools highlight risks, and we make recommendation on the steps to alleviate any issues.

Reference Projects