DIGNOS: Overview


Connects the plant's data on site to the DIGNOS suite of solutions.


Build's the corporate or plant's data hierarchy according to ISA 95 standards and determines the attributes to be monitored and considered at each level. It transforms data into structured, contextualized information.


Simplifies the capturing of the chosen time model, shift patterns and production targets to form the baseline of the performance.


Automates the determination and recording of deviations from the plan and can automatically assign them to associated causes and cost centres. Also calculates the impact and root causes of lost production.

Production Reporting

Calculates, collates and automates all productivity reports required based on the resultant outputs of the continual monitoring of the real-time data to provide reports based on one version of the truth and circulates them to assigned global personell. Enables personnel to focus their time on resolving the causes of production issues and results in marked performance improvements.


A statistical digital twin that provides a predictive maintenance platform and real-time determination of root causes of performance anomalies. Prevents damage to equipment and reveals causes of process instabilities. 


Our web-based dashboard that provides easy access to important information across the corporation or plant globally.