News: Moore launches online ticketing system with associated service level agreements

We are pleased to announce our automated, online support-ticketing module:

What is it?

- A way for customers with maintenance contracts to log support tickets online

- A simple way for customers to track resolution of their issue via automated notifications and interactive ticket systems

- Allows reporting so that customers can monitor ticketing activities

- A robust mechanism for Moore to co-ordinate issue-resolution activities

What are the big benefits?

- The main benefit is that customers can be assured their ticket is active and being worked on by a specific engineer at Moore.

- Our follow-the-sun approach means Moore can have eyes on the problem around the clock.

- Customers can monitor progress in near real time via automated email notifications to know where the ticket is in the resolution process

- Moore engineers can interact with the customers through the ticketing system to request additional information – this leaves a robust audit trail.

- Tickets are closed when the customer is satisfied – this assures that there are no open-ended issues.

- Customers are provided with reports to show Moore response times, the numbers of tickets raise over a period, etc.

What the reports will entail

End-users with active maintenance contracts will receive monthly or quarterly reports, based on the agreed terms and conditions.

These reports will include a summary of the entire end-users request/s, including, but not limited to:

- Requests sent

- Date created

- Resolution

- Closed tickets

- Billable hours