Solution: Training Simulators


Moore provides a combination of a highly accurate thermodynamic plant model together with the actual plant software. The software can be deployed on actual PLC hardware or where available of soft PLC controllers. The system is lifelike and closely replicates the actual plant so that the training experience is “real”.

Thorough Testing

The system come pre-configured with a number of training scenarios that take the operator through their daily tasks and includes the ability to add malfunctions and plant disturbances to gauge the ability of the operators to deal with adverse conditions and where necessary to spend more time dealing with prevention of possible plant disasters.

Global Scoring

'The system comes with a scoring and playback engine so that operators can learn from their mistakes and global scoring techniques enable operator training results to be compared across the plant. This quickly highlights areas of training and weaknesses that need to be dealt with before the trainees are allowed to operate the actual plant.

Trainer-driven and Self-training Capabilities

The system is set up in such a way that operators can use their own credentials to log time in training so that they can get up to speed and excel at their own pace. The each scoring scenario shows the trainee where there is room for operational improvement.  This reduces the need to have a trainer present each time the trainee wants to improve his skill set. Trainers can then be brought in at specific intervals for final testing and vetting of competence.

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