Solutions: Process Instrumentation

The Flow Force

One platform with infinite applications. We help you choose the right flowmeter for the right application. The key feature of the clamp-on ultrasonic flow technology is the externally mounted sensors that are quickly and easily installed on the outside of the pipe, as proven in the power industry FFP spray water, seal-oil and vibro systems. The technology has also been proven in the petrochemical, and oil & gas.

Other solutions include:

Coriolis: fuel-oil integrators, hydrogen, etc.

Vortex: steam measurement

MagFlow: water and slurries

Breakthrough Level Applications

Sonic and process intelligence, non-contacting radar means low maintenance, and provides reliable continuous level measurement as proven with our bunker-level measurement solutions in the petrochemical and power INDUSTRIES.

Other solutions include ultrasonic and capacitance - continuous (Interface measurement) and point-level applications.

First-choice Positioners

Control any valve better, and optimize production. SIPART PS2 is the proven, all-round design with a flexible stroke range and intelligent online diagnostics for part-turn and linear actuators, guaranteeing safe and trouble-free operation.

Mining, power, petrochemical, and oil & gas industries: Non-contact position sensors for high vibration and extreme ambient conditions, “partial stroke test” (PST) for open/close, and ESD safety valves. SIPART 760 positioners, booster relays and filter regulators form part of the complete valve/instrument solutions for the best performance available, anywhere.

Accurate Acoustic and Motion Sensors

Detect to protect your process. Process protection devices can be an early warning system to avoid costly process interruptions. SITRANS AS 100 acoustic sensor features rugged, stainless steel construction to measure flow/no-flow or high/low-flow for solids in motion, e.g. blocked-chute detection.

Precise Pressure and Temperature Measurement

Reduce downtime. Try the SITRANS transmitters for high precision and long-term stability. Proven pyrometer projects – quick and exact non-contact temperature measurement from 0 °C to 3,000 °C. Robust, with very fast response times for boiler and furnace control in the power industry.

Reference Projects