Solutions: Optimisation

Alarm Management

Measures and audits plant safety, prevents spurious shutdowns, and stabilizes production outputs – the result is improved profits through production increases for the same value of input costs.

Base-layer Optimisation

We maximise plant output yields by ensuring that processes are always tuned to current operating conditions – increased yields result in increased profits.

Predictive Maintenance Systems

Our specialists measure your critical assets’ performances and prevent damage – we monitor efficiencies and power consumptions, and optimize your maintenance spend based on real requirements.

Production Optimisation

We help you understand overall equipment effectiveness, asset availability and performance and repair monitoring – discover which assets are affecting your profits, and why.

Production Scheduling & Monitoring

Maximise your production plan against available plant and assets – see how your plant performance measures up against your plan and budget.

Automated Data Collection & Consolidation

Production and performance - from remote plants and Head Office – create centralised data warehousing so that there is one version of the truth to manage and correct the real plant and production problems.

Matrikon OPC

Connectivity and value-added OPC tools to connect, encrypt, secure, monitor, manipulate, transfer, report and manage data across your plant.

Online Asset Health Checks

Moore can diagnose asset health issues for compressors, turbines, pumps, furnaces and boilers. Submit your data files online and we can run it through our diagnostic systems and give you a report.

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