Solutions: Telemetry

Telemetry systems:

Remotely monitor and control your plant.  Cabled or wireless systems are available in licensed or license-free bands.

Remote ESD systems:

These solutions provide the ability to remotely shutdown equipment from a safe location.  Protect your assets, the environment, and staff.

Fibre optic swivel backup systems:

Backup your fibre swivel and provide a radio link in the event of swivel failure.  These solutions provide a lower cost alternative to swivel replacement, and reduce plant downtime.

Wireless HART systems:

Reduce installation costs and cut commissioning time down by using wireless transmitters. 

Protocol conversion:

Connect multiple platforms to your control room.  Wired and wireless options are available.

Wireless remote I/O:

Increase your access to plant data without installing additional cables.

Hazardous-area installations:

These are imperative for industries where dangerous atmospheres may exist, such as in mining, petrochemical, and oil and gas.

Telemetry maintenance:

Moore can diagnose system problems on most telemetry systems.  Contact us for an evaluation.

Site integration:

Connect different systems together with our wireless industrial networks and protocol bridges.  Get rid of costly, high maintenance, cabled networks and replace these with a wireless solution. 

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