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In addition to the vast array of solutions we have provided over the preceding three decades, we have become recognised industry leaders in providing solutions for compressor control, power management, FPSO integrated control and safety systems (ICSSs) and subsea master control stations (MCSs). On safety-critical plants we provide advanced system simulators for real-life operator training. We provide post-implementation maintenance and support for our global installed base to facilitate longevity of our clients’ investment in automation and optimisation.

We serve most major industries, with particular emphasis on Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Chemical, Mining, Base Metals and Power Generation. Our dedication to excellence and long-term commitment to our clients has resulted in a proven track record and a comprehensive project portfolio in these industries.

Our commitment to safety and quality is without compromise. We often work alongside our client colleagues in dangerous environments such as shipyards, offshore platforms and heavy-industry settings and have adopted a one-team approach to safety: our clients’ commitment to safety is our commitment to safety. We rigorously follow internal safety guidance and procedures evidenced by our OHSAS 18001:2007 certification. Our safety and quality systems have been audited by some of the top Tier-1 companies and third parties to assure compliance with ISO 9001:2008 standards (which we have built into our internal corporate systems), and adherence to their own rigorous codes of conduct.

The bottom line is that it’s your money, it’s expensive, and we want to get things right first time. We deploy accelerators to eradicate manual-entry errors and drive productivity to shorten the project schedule.

Each of the services listed can be delivered on a turnkey basis, as standalone solutions on existing installations, or as equipment supply only.

Process instrumentation

The full spectrum of process instrumentation is supported, including measurement of pressure, temperature, flow, level, acoustics and motion. Additional areas of supply include positioners, standalone process controllers, process recorders, wireless HART products, and instrument-related communication software and peripherals.

Equipment cubicles

Equipment cubicles and control-room furniture are designed in 3-D using the latest E-Plan software and techniques. The approach makes optimal use of space, while ensuring easy and convenient access for maintenance personnel. Cubicles range from indoor use, through to use in extreme outdoor conditions, such as on offshore marine installations. Ex-rated cubicles can be supplied to bespoke project specifications.

Control systems (PLC and DCS)

We offer comprehensive PLC and DCS solutions ranging from a few hundred I/O, right up to large-scale solutions encompassing integration of disparate plants with several thousand I/O geographically dispersed across large campuses or sites. Solutions can be for standalone control, or can include historians, integration with peripheral systems, and secure provision of information to off-site systems such as ERPs or production-monitoring systems.

System migration

Systems that are end-of-life or that need upgrading are systematically migrated to modern systems using automated tools and techniques to minimize plant downtime, and ensure preservation of intellectual-capital investment in existing systems.

Safety systems

On safety-critical plants we offer solutions using safety-rated PLCs/DCSs, integrated with the main control system. Our expertise also includes safety compliance of peripheral equipment such as instrumentation and cubicles required on IS or Ex -rated plant areas. Our engineers are IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 certified, and the systems we deliver typically comply with standards from IEC, API, and NFPA, etc.

Control system and plant optimisation

Our multi-loop and multi-variable analytical software ensures plants are optimally tuned across a broad range of plant operating conditions. We predict equipment failure well in advance, thereby avoiding unnecessary shutdowns. Real-world analysis also reduces the need for unnecessary routine maintenance. Advanced alarm-management analysis takes into account the big picture of plant alarms, and ensures safer operations by eliminating nuisance alarms.

Compressor control and protection

With more than 27 years experience in advanced single-stage and multi-stage compressor control we offer protection and control solutions across a vast range of installations including air, polyethylene, polypropylene, nitrogen, and oxygen, etc. We minimize energy consumption by safely reducing unnecessary blow-off, and optimizing compressors configured for parallel operation.

Operator training simulators

Comprehensive operator training is imperative for safe operation on safety-critical plants. These simulators can be very costly. In our approach the costs of plant training simulators are reduced by reusing existing PLC/DCS code and HMI interfaces, along with fully integrated thermodynamic models to give operators a solid grounding in safe plant operation of hazardous plants.

Long-term maintenance

Long-term healthcare on systems, including annual interventions, ensure systems are maintained optimally. 24x7 telephone support, with next-business-day on-site support is available where required. System upgrades ensure control systems are kept current and protected from external cyber threats. This approach prevents systems from becoming obsolete over time.

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