Industry: Power

Automation & Control:

Moore provides control solutions compliant with IEC 61508 \ 61511 standards for the following processes: boilers, mills, turbines, transformer coolers, conveyors, instrument-air compressors, outside ash, inside ash, fly ash, ash dams, utility water and remote site monitoring.

We migrate or upgrade existing legacy and relay hardwired-logic safety systems to the latest technology and standards to ensure legal compliance. Solutions are provided ranging from conceptual design, right up to the final commissioning and optimisation.

Our successful track record on large installations demonstrates that Moore has the capacity to undertake complete unit retrofits. We work closely with our clients on these challenging projects to ensure that we improve process control, and maximise grid capacity.

Fuel-oil Integrators:

Coriolis mass flow meters with high accuracy 0.10% of mass flow measurement required to compare the supply and return flows to minimize oil usage and wastage and to confirm a leak on the oil system. High availability and reliability as these flow meters always in service and can only be calibrated or repaired during an outage.

FFP-spray-water, Seal-oil and Vibro-system Solutions:

The key feature of the clamp-on ultrasonic flow technology is the externally mounted sensors that are quickly and easily installed on the outside of the pipe, as proven in the Power Industry. Clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters provide highly accurate measurement while minimizing installation time and maintenance expense.

Pyrometer Solutions:

Quick and exact non-contact temperature measurement from 0 °C to 3000 °C; robust with very fast response time for boiler/furnace control in the power industry

Turbine & Compressor Predictive Maintenance:

Moore monitors the actual outputs and manufactured outputs to monitor the equipments against its full potential capacity. Efficiencies and power consumptions are also provided. Performance degradation is monitored together with online, near real time root-cause analyses.

Reference Projects